EarthPulse™ PEMF: What Can You Expect From A Sleep Machine?

PEMF or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is nothing like any kind of magnetic field device I have ever tried. From the moment I first tried out the EarthPulse™ PEMF device (v5 Pro: 2 electromagnets/10 programs), I could feel the electromagnetic pulsations from under my mattress. There was definitely something going on. In the past, I had tried static magnetic mattress pads that used bar magnets, as well as magnetic products marketed by Nikken of Japan, and the Richway infrared Biomat. But the EP is nothing remotely like any of those. It is way better.

Device set-up was super easy. Everything is all laid-out in the manual. First, I determined the proper magnet configuration and tested for operation. That took less than a minute. Next, I just slipped the hockey puck-sized electromagnets under my mattress, below the sleeping surface. (No bulky, hot pads to sleep on!) I placed one magnet at about chest height and the other one at hip level. The small controller sat next to my bed. Done.

The EarthPulse™ is powerful. Initially, I had a harder time sleeping, so I reduced the power amplitude from 70% to 50%. (With PEMF, less is actually better.) And rather than jump back and forth between programs, I initially chose to exclusively use the Sleep Mode-2 program to allow my body to acclimate and adjust. After about 3 weeks, I grew more accustomed to the EarthPulse™ Sleep Mode-2 program and, as my sleep became more consistent, I began to switch to the Recover Mode.

Almost from the beginning, my sleep improved. This one development has been a major blessing. Over the last 15 years or so, my sleep has been fairly horrible. Although diet, exercise, meditation and some calming supplements at night have helped (a lot!), nothing ever offered any consistent benefits. Even after 7-8 hours in bed, with some exceptions, I almost always woke up tired and feeling sleep deprived. Only after a mid-morning or afternoon nap, would I feel rested.

I can honestly say that I sleep much better and deeper now. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I can usually get to sleep faster. I don’t lie awake, staring at the ceiling anymore. I don’t worry about not sleeping. I am more patient. My heart is not racing either. Earthpulse™ PEMF definitely does help to disengage the mind from those chattering, racing thoughts. (Dang monkey mind!) I have more of those Zen quiet moments of reflection. I can remember more of my dreams. I am also having more of those vivid, realistic technicolor dreams that I used to have as a kid. This has been a really nice development.

This is just the beginning. Each night, as I reboot my body and mind from years of stress and sleep deprivation, I will gain more and more benefits from sleeping in this Earth based, pulsed electromagnetic field. I wonder what I will feel like a year or two from now?

The Pros: Small, powerful and very portable device. Affordably priced. Enough flexibility with the 10 programs to cover most sleeping situations. Follows the NASA protocols regarding 10Hz (9.6Hz) square wave healing benefits. It turns any bed or massage table into a cocoon of beneficial healing Earth frequencies.

The Cons: Not enough versatility in the programming. The programs are static (the same every time) and too simplistic. Ideally I would like to have a programmable controller so I could design my own programs or at least downloadable upgrades to the software/firmware. I would also like to see more of a “randomness factor” added to the programming to mimic a true Earth based EM device. The Earth shifts frequencies up and down the spectrum every nanosecond. Small unpredictable frequency changes and holistically managed chaotic factors challenge our brains and bodies to adapt and grow. This is more like real life. Otherwise we can get bored, become mentally stuck in a rut, and afraid of change. Even a beneficial frequency can create a mental rut if it is played exclusively, all the time.

Despite the limited programming options, there is really nothing available on the planet remotely like the EarthPulse™. It is priced very reasonably and packs a punch. It gets the job done – while we sleep!

My personal recommendation is to get an EarthPulse™ now. Get the v5 Pro model for the most flexibility and full body coverage. (Or try the more economical v5 model.) Try it. See for yourself. There is a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. It is really a risk-free decision. See all 5 models.

Note: I do not recommend any of the BASIC EP models. These are strictly manual operation only and do not offer the flexibility of the 10 program models. The manual models have their place, but I feel that frequency flexibility and variability are essential to getting the most from PEMF.

With the Earthpulse™, you can get many more benefits than from any static magnetic pad or even a Biomat, plus have much greater portability – and at a fraction of the price… or your money back!

If you have any questions about the EarthPulse™, feel free to email me.

Wishing you a restful sleep,


PS The Richway Biomat is a great product. It does offer benefits from near and far infrared rays that the Earthpulse™ does not. In that way, there is no comparison. But considering the huge price differences, the portability of the EP, and the overall benefits accrued, my money is unquestionably on the Earthpulse™ as a first choice.

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